First Review

My first review went up at Amazon a few days ago:

Amazon review #1

Let me explain how incredibly touching and rewarding this is.

I’ve been writing my own art blog since 2009. Incidentally, if you’re a writer, I cannot recommend blogging highly enough. On the downside, it takes time away from your prime writing project. On the upside, it’s a trial by fire – you will find out whether your writing has a constituency, and whether it connects to that constituency, and, over time, which things about your writing work better or worse at communicating what you are trying to say. Practicing in public has high enough stakes to cause improvement.

My art blog wound up netting me a writing gig at The Huffington Post – their arts editor saw a post and invited me to write for her. This editor has always been incredibly supportive, and I adore her. Apart from my writing for her, I’ve had art writing, accompanied by my paintings, published in International Artist and MAKE Literary Journal.

The point is that I’ve got quite a bit of text in fancy places. But it’s all essays: pure analysis at various levels – art technique, art history, philosophy of art. Railroad to Zanzibar, in contrast, is fiction. It’s a whole other thing, and one in which I am much less publicly tested. On the other hand, it is ultimately the branch of writing I care about more. It is what I am.

So – *that* is why this review is so important to me. It’s not a review from a prestigious journal, nor from someone with recognized authority, nor will many people likely see it. But it is a review from somebody I’ve never met in person, who went and bought my 99c download, and read it all the way through, and liked it enough to leave a public comment. It is my first message from the broader world of readers: yes, you have written something worth reading.

Thank you, Happy Reader.


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