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I was raised in Toronto, Jerusalem, and Chicago. As a child, I went through intense fascinations with clocks, anatomy and astronomy. I have loved, and fallen out of love with, theater and film. Writing and painting were there at the beginning, and they are here now.

My interests have hybridized in surprising ways over time. I spent two years dissecting cadavers and drawing an anatomical atlas; some of that work saw use in the United States Army’s forensic field guide, Identification of Deceased Personnel. In my paintings I have collaborated with novelists, poets, scientists and actors. My writing on art, aesthetics, and philosophy has been published in ARTnews, International Artist, and the MacArthur-winning MAKE Literary Magazine. The zombie script I co-wrote won the 2012 United Film Festival/Feature-Horror category. I blog my current thoughts for The Huffington Post.

I had the idea for Railroad to Zanzibar one evening in 2005, while driving from Los Angeles to New York. I didn’t have the kernel of an idea – I had a rough outline of the entire plot by the time I was able to fall asleep. I started writing the next day, and I don’t expect ever to stop. I had the good fortune to be colonized by a book with room enough to fill my life.

I live and work in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


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